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Craving draught beer? We Deliver the Beer, You Enjoy the Cheers!

Level Up your Beer experience!
Welcome to Beer on Call Cy, where passion turns into love and commitment to create a unique and exceptional drinking experience.

Our company was born from the thought, “When friends and beer come together, there’s always an unforgettable story to tell”.

In June 2015, at a BBQ party with lots of drinks and meat going on the grill 3 friends were casually sipping cold beers and chatting about draught beer Vs bottle beer. All the fuzz was about whether draught beer or bottle beer is of better quality and that the best drinking experiences are always created in bars where ice cold draught beer is served.

That very conversation gave us the idea to initiate “Beer on Call Cy”, a service that embodies our aspiration to give our customers the opportunity to live the Beer draught experience at their everyday party, gathering or social event and simply put be able to “Level Up their beer experience” wherever they are.

Being Cypriots, we’ve grown up with a deep fondness of good ice cold quality beer hence we strive to deliver and provide you with a memorable beer experience at the highest standards and a story to tell along.

Our service has been established in Nicosia in 2020 and our mission ever since is to offer the best possible beer drinking experience to our customers at their every moment.

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Theomitoros 19,Latsia 2224

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